Marxist Viewpoints

After the discussion in class today, I was very interested in the fact that Karl Marx did not completely abominate the capitalist system, rather that he thought that this particular system was no longer needed for the current state of the economy. In all of the other types of readings that I have had about Karl Marx and Communism, the implication that communists despised the capitalist system was always present. In reality, however, Marx’s distaste for the the capitalist system was based in his belief that it was beginning to  limit human progression, rather than in some blind hatred of free-trade. Marx thought that a capitalist system would only hinder the advancement of the human race as a whole, as it causes for competition instead of cooperation in the global world. This slight nuance in his argument for communism, then, adds a whole new layer of   meaning when he discusses the two classes that capitalism creates: the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. These classes are not the inevitable state of human beings as either being a producer or wage laborer, but rather undeniable proof of the separation in the wealthy and the poor the capitalism encourages. By decrying capitalism and promoting communism, Karl Marx tries to reduce this ever widening gap in society, and allow for a future state of equity among all people.

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  1. Kendal says:

    I agree with you. I believe that Karl Marx took his views on capitalism and wanted to see if he could derive any beneficial aspects from capitalism that he would like in a government, but he also pinpointed the characteristics that he knew he did not appreciate in a government.

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