Stalin vs Kim Jong Il

As we were discussing the propaganda of Stalin in class a few days ago, I couldn’t help but notice how similar it sounded to the propaganda of North Korea. They go on and on about how loved Stalin was, and how all the workers love Stalin. One that I found most striking was the painting of Stalin being handed roses by children. This looked eerily similar to a painting of Kim Jong il I had seen in a new paper article. I also noticed a similarity between Lenin, and Kim Jong Il, particularly with their death. After Lenin died his body was preserved and is on display. That is exactly what thy are planning to do with Kim Jong Il’s body. Also after they both died there was a major power struggle. In Russia it was between Trotsky and Stalin, and in north Korea it is between Kim Jong Un and the military leaders. These were just some similarities I could not help but notice.

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  1. hmette says:

    Madeleine, I actually made this comparison as well. To add on to your list of similarities between Stalin and Kim Jong Il is the fact that, like Stalin, Kim Jong Il rid the North Korean leadership of any possible independent-thinking rivals. It was interesting for me to realize that you and I weren’t the only ones who saw this comparison, there are actually multiple articles online that refer to Kim Jong Il as “the last leader of a Stalinist state” and claim it to have been “held together by a Stalin-like cult of personality”.

  2. Sheena says:

    To add on to what both Madeleine and Halle have said, another interesting connection between Lenin and Kim Jon Il is that they both died on health problems that they had been dealing for years prior to their death, which some say as because of their heinous rules. And as Madeleine mentioned after both of their deaths, they were preserved for public to view and pay their respects to there “great leaders”. Also, in some ways Lenin and Stalin share many similarities as well. For example, they both shared the similarity of killing their enemies in order to help the war that would lead to communism would be successful. However, Stalin killed not only his political enemies but also people who were on his side like Kim Jong Il.

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