Why are people more aware of the Holocaust than Stalin’s terror?

In class yesterday, Jon presented a question that was along the lines of “why are people more aware of the Holocaust than of Stalin’s terror?” After thinking about this question, I have come to a couple of different conclusions. First, I think it is important that the Holocaust was more connected with religion, while Stalin’s terror was almost purely political. There were many religious aspects to Hitler’s policies, the most common example being the persecution of Jews. Religion is world-wide, it applies to many people. The persecution based on religion outraged people all over the world and became an international issue and a central part of WWII. However, Stalin’s terror was a more internal political struggle that mainly affected Russia’s citizens. While it sparked some international concern, it did not inspire the world-wide outrage that the Holocaust did. The second reason that I could think of for the lesser exposure is our location. We were far from Russia’s problems, but we were part of WWII and so had exposure to Germany’s issues (as did the rest of the world). I think that people are aware that Stalin was one of the bad dictators, but it is their knowledge of his specific actions that is more primitive.

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