99 Percent Congress

Just an interesting development in the Occupy Wall Street movement. It seems that this movement is actually developing into something more serious. I personally think that their actions could lead to a more focused movement and will help to organize their arguments, a criticism that many people share. I think that through this the Occupy Wall Street movement can get their point across quicker and better force the government to act.

What do you think will eventually be the outcome of the movement? Is this group justified in their demands? Here’s the link: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/02/22/occupy-wall-street-announces-convention-in-philadelphia-for-july/


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3 Responses to 99 Percent Congress

  1. Katherine says:

    The protesters have always been confused and unclear about what their ideas are, but I think that they could have a lot of change happen if they develop a clear plan and concrete goals. I think that their demands for better taxation and government support for the 99% are completely justified. They are angry that the living conditions for the average American are rapidly declining, and no significant changes appear to have been made, which seems completely reasonable to me.

  2. Mary Kate says:

    I think that so far in their movement, Occupy Wall Street has simply been an unorganized group of unhappy and unemployed middle to lower class citizens. Though the idea of fighting for what they want is certainly a good one, something strongly encouraged in America, too, they have not pulled themselves together in a forceful and organized enough manor to really get change the country.
    On another note, and I stated this in my class a few weeks back, Occupy Wall Street has only targeted Wall Street bankers, yet they only make up the bottom 10% of the 1%. Not all bankers are in the 1%, either. Sure, there are some wealthy CEO’s and CFO’s of large banks on and around Wall Street, but that’s part of the job. They work extremely hard to get where they are, and some deserve to be paid what they are. Even with all of their hard work, in todays economy they are getting little to no bonuses, most of which are paid in company stock that they cannot trade or sell for 3 months- 2 years. These Occupy Wall Street protesters seem to ignore how hard they work and do not have nearly enough information on which to protest. In addition to that, they are forgetting about the rest of the 1% such as pro athletes and movie stars. Why not go protest in Hollywood where many of these famous actors and singers live? I do not understand their logic behind or basis for such strong and drawn out protests.

  3. S.Turk says:

    I agree that, while the Occupy Wall Street movement is helpful in getting the people’s point across, they can do so much more. Bankers in Wall Street do seem to be unfairly targeted as they are not the only members of the 1%. I also agree that certain members of the athletic and entertainment community are overpaid for what they do. I also find it offensive that the public values and protects these people while hard working members of society that are critical to keeping day to day life functioning properly are cast aside as degenerates who aren’t working hard enough. When people get paid millions to stand in front of a camera and look malnurished, that’s not fair to many people who have to actually not eat for a week because they have to provide food for their family while working to keep everyday amenities running.

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