What strikes me as interesting, is the fact that the KULAKS are “better off peasants”. I think it is interesting that Stalin would collectivize this group to make more money and have control. But I see it as Stalin being over paranoid. He wants to have a communist government, and as the KULAKS began to grow and become more prosperous, they were making a more capitalist country. They were improving under Stalin’s FIVE YEAR PLAN, I believe, yet he suppressed something he was trying to encourage. He was hoping agriculture and industry would improve. The KULAKS farms were improving, but because Stalin is sooo power hungry, he had to shut such a great farming industry of the time (to try, to what he though, would make it  better) to ensure that the peasants wouldn’t over throw him. Do you see the side I am seeing of Stalin at all? Your opinions?

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3 Responses to Collectivization

  1. Dr. K says:


    I want to make sure I understand you’re question/point. Are you saying the Stalin’s was being self-defeating in taking out the very group, the prosperous peasants, that could help him realize his goals?

    • Maggie says:

      Yes I am saying Stalin took out a group that was doing fine on its own, and was helping the country. I believe he took out the KULAKS in an effort to keep his total power. I believe he thought that because they were doing sooo well, that they could be a threat. He feared even the peasants would try to take his spot.

  2. Emma Hart says:

    yes i agree with Dr. K. I am not quite sure what you are trying to say. If you are saying what Dr. K says you are the i agree with you totally. To take out an entire social group can never end well. He striped the Kulaks of their land, their live stock, and he even sent them to forced labor camps for reeducation. I am not sure what he was trying to do other then to show the peasants that he had control over them. Why do you think Stalin wanted to take out the Kulaks?

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