China, Japan, and World War II

One thing that confused me in the reading from last class was the transition that Japan took when entering into World War II. From what I could see in the reading, Japan was entirely focused on taking over Asia and did not show any interest in the West. Japan’s main goal appeared at that time to simply conquer China, starting with the constantly fought over land Manchuria. However right after that the reading suddenly said that Japan had entered into World War II, which I don’t quite understand. Nazi Germany was focused on creating and Arian race, while Japan wanted to conquer land in the Far East. To me they seem like they have nothing in common. How on earth did Nazi Germany and Japan ally themselves? And while I was thinking about this I also realized how confused I am about why Italy entered into World War II as allies with Germany and Japan, when they had been allied with Britain and the USA during World War I. I realize that this is a concept that has very little to do with what they’re studying right now, but it sparked my interested so I figured I better post about it.

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