Mao as a Leader

After going through the reading today covering the later years of Mao’s reign, I was very intrigued by the fact that after his death, a governmental committee was formed in China that was to decide on the ethics of Mao’s leadership. And while they did condem some of his policies, they still affirmed the fact that Mao was an influential and keystone leader of China, during the years of his reign. This seems to be a more positive connotation than I would have expected, as some of Mao’s decisions led to a great famine and a large amount of deaths during the Great Leap Forward. When thinking about this, I thought that possibly this could stem from the fact that, however his methods, Mao was able to unite most of China under the CCP. If this is the case, then was it good that Mao was able to steer his country in a communist way? Before his time, much of China was split amongst the warlords, and after them, between the Communist and Nationalist themselves. Was Mao needed for China to become a united nation, and did he set up China to become the powerful country that it is today?

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  1. Kelsey says:

    This question is one that we keep returning to with every revolution that we study. Is leadership the most important thing for the success of a revolution and the progress of a country? We discussed this frequently when studying Lenin and Stalin, whom Mao is actually compared to in other posts. I think that Mao was necessary for China’s progress. It is important for people to take a stand, but for a revolution as radical as the one in China, uprisings need guidance. Without guidance and a leader to assume control, the chaos cannot cease. Mao took control of the revolution and made into something that could make a difference. Whether it was good or bad for the country is debatable, but I think his involvement allowed the uprisings to make a difference. I have one question, why did you think that the committee deciding on Mao’s ethics would have a more negative response? There is no question that he was influential and one of the most prominent leaders of modern China. His policies also laid the groundwork for China today, they were just more radical.

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