The Peasants taking it too far

While we were reading the primary source by Mao Zedong today in class, there was one paragraph that I didn’t completely agree with. Mao talked about the peasants leading a full-blown revolution and how there was speculation about wether the peasants were taking it too far. Mao’s personal opinion was that the peasants were doing the right thing and completely destroying all the landlords and giving them no say in the matter is certainly not taking it too far. I disagree and think that the peasants’ plan of “striking the landlord down to the dust and keeping him there…” is taking it too far and it not righting a wrong. I understand that the peasants have been feeling subordinate and enslaved by the landlords for thousands of years and have built up enough anger to start a very violent revolution, but I don’t think their violent actions and methods of terror is the proper way to gain freedom. I don’t think they should fully commit to a non-violence revolution, like Gandhi wants, but I think terrorizing the countryside and killing all the landlords is too much and is making more  wrong than right.

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  1. Maggie Dancy says:

    I agree with you Carly. I think that there can be a medium to both Mao’s and Gandhi’s beliefs. I think that Gandhi’s belief on non-violence would be a good way to start a revolution. After that, if the opposing view does not listen and Gandhi’s method of changing the opinions of others doesn’t work, violence could be necessary. In the peasants case, I feel as though they had already tried to use non-violence. I am sure that some brave peasants have spoken out against their subordinate state, and now they have to resort to violence. Yet, like Carly said, “striking the landlord down to the dust and keeping him there…” IS going too far. Their violence will obviously result in some death, but trying to destroy the whole landlord “population” is too much. I would just like to add, that I think Mao is right in the fact that peasants can rule the nation because they outnumber the rulers and could take them on; the peasants are China.

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