Chernobyl today

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In class last week we talked a lot about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  We also briefly commented on the new horror movie coming out “The Chernobyl Diaries.”  We discussed how the Chernobyl disaster came to be and the problems Chernobyl-ites faced in in the aftermath of this great tragedy.  I found this interesting article about both the new movie and the nuclear disaster.  It particularly outlines the grave medical problems that the “Children and Grandchildren of Chernobyl” are facing today and how they continue to rebuild their life.  Unfortunately by the sound of this article the nuclear fallout may not clear for a very long time.  Here is the link:

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2 Responses to Chernobyl today

  1. Jon Rubenstein says:

    I actually just saw the movie over the weekend. I understand it’s a complete fictionalization, however, I imagine that for people who stayed behind near Chernobyl, or even for people slightly effected, it is a traumatic and scarring event. The scenery in the movie clearly showed that everything was left behind — it is truly a ghost-town. To have to just leave everything behind, and live the rest of your life afraid of the medical effects of the radiation must be psychologically damaging. The movie was pretty scary, but of course, life as a survivor of Chernobyl must be a living nightmare.

  2. Sarah Esterow says:

    As Jon said, Chernobyl sounds like a living nightmare. As I read this article I was able to find out more interesting things about Chernobyl that we didn’t discuss in class. It is crazy to think how much of an affect that radiation and nuclear power can have on people. I actually don’t think that it was appropriate to make such a light weight movie on this topic because it had serious implications and caused many loses of loved ones for the Ukranian and Russian people. A movie like this can be funny and bring money to the box office, but it also overlooks the sadness of the people affected by the events at Chernobyl.

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