After watching the video on Yugoslavia, I couldn’t help but think about Syria right now. The people of Syria are being violently suppressed, by an insane leader that doesn’t seem to ever want to stop. They are revolting in hopes of a better less suppressive government, just like all the other countries that revolted in the Arab spring. The reports coming from Syria are sickening, and in many people’s mind what is going on over there right now is full blown genocide. This raises the question in my mind, does the United States have a responsibility to intervene? We intervened in Lybia, and many people have argued that because we did we really helped the revolutionaries there. We also intervened in Bosnia, and one of the experts in that video argued that because we intervened we helped save many lives. So I wonder, should we do it again? Should we send in troops like in Bosnia? Should we do a NATO air strike like in Lybia? Should we do nothing?

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2 Responses to Syria

  1. Nick says:

    I think an air strike would probably be the best option in Syria. It is a good compromise between those who want to go in full force and those who want to stay out completely, as it provides relief without endangering many American lives. Obviously, there will never be a perfect solution; however, this appears to be the best option to me.

  2. Dr. K says:

    Philip Gourevitch just wrote about this in the New Yorker, and he, too, draws the parallels with Yugoslavia. He argues against intervention, saying it would be quagmire. You can read it here.

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