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Uprisings in the Middle East Mirror Colonial Revolts

After discussing the revolts of the American colonies against the British government, I found many similarities between the colonial revolts and the recent anti-American uprisings in the Middle East. After an American video antagonizing the Islamic prophet Muhammad spread throughout … Continue reading

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American Unity Based on Fear

I found the excerpt we read from Gordon Wood’s essay Radical Possibilites on the American Revolution very interesting.  He reasons that America’s rebellion and unity was less of a brave cry against taxes and tyranny, but instead stemmed from fear.  America was … Continue reading

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Taxation: Then and Now

As I was reading about the colonists’ anger with Parliament for passing demanding taxes, I began to see similarities between the colonists and Americans today. People from both groups were, and are, angry with their government and annoyed with the … Continue reading

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Was Newton a scientist?

You might find the answer to that question surprisingly obvious.  If so, you should read the article from Renaissance Mathematicus, in which he suggests that Newton wasn’t a scientist.  The article is here.  Comments, as always, are welcome.

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The “Elite” Enlightement

I am currently studying for the first revolutions test of the year and I can assume that many others are, so this will be a relatively brief post, however, I hope that it’s length (or lack thereof) does not detract … Continue reading

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Where does Hobbes go wrong?

After an interesting class today in which we compared the contract theories of Locke and Hobbes, I realized I roughly agreed with Hobbes’ understanding of the State of Nature, but not his extreme solution (i.e. the creation of an absolute … Continue reading

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Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

Today in class we discussed the philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Thomas Hobbes states that in mankind’s natural state, without government,  people are naturally selfish, caring not for others but only for their own personal wellbeing. On the … Continue reading

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End of class discussion

Today at the end of class we ran out of time discussing whether we would rather live now or 100 years in the past, and i would like to re open discussion. Personally, i believe that modern times are a … Continue reading

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Brecht quote: “spattered in blood”

In response to Dr. Korfhage’s question? I honestly think that it’s just him using grotesque imagery to voice his distaste for the new age. The part about the whore could be a reference to how he believes that people (including … Continue reading

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Fontenelle takes major risks

Although we didn’t talk much about Fontenelle, I found it very interesting how different his views were compared to other scientists of his time period. Most scientists never used their scientific research/knowledge to go against the Bible or the church, … Continue reading

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