Innocence of Muslims

After the murder of Ambassador Stevens, foreign policy once again became a hot-button issue in the United States. Combined with a controversial anti-Islam video, Obama is now forced to once again make decisions concerning the Middle East. According to Peter Baker of the New York Times, Obama will now have to answer questions regarding his policies in the Arab world, including whether he did enough during the Arab Spring, and if he has drawn enough of a hard line against Islamic terrorists. While the violence stemming from the controversial video, entitled “Innocence of Muslims”, has for the most part died down, Obama is now in the hot seat. “Innocence of Muslims” will now be an important part of his campaign. Ironically, the movie is undeniably stupid. The dialogue is sub-2nd grade level, the acting is on par with a commercial aired at 3 in the morning, and the heavy use of green-screens and audio dubbing makes the film look like a particularly racist film students first project. But because of this piece of trash, four Americans are dead, and warships are now moving into Libya. This is not an argument for censorship. If we censor films, then we become just as bad as the people who killed Ambassador Stevens. Instead, these films should be limited in their release, if certain parts of the world can’t handle free speech.


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  1. dharbeck says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said, aside from censoring films makes us just as bad as the people who murdered four americans. We should not censor films but it is not the same as murder..

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