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Innocence of Muslims

After the murder of Ambassador Stevens, foreign policy once again became a hot-button issue in the United States. Combined with a controversial anti-Islam video, Obama is now forced to once again make decisions concerning the Middle East. According to Peter … Continue reading

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Individuals vs. Instituions

In class on Friday, Dr. Korfaghe brought up the idea, about whether or not individuals make up a revolution or is it the institutions created during the revolution. In the reading for Friday, the textbook mentioned that one of the … Continue reading

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Voltaire’s views on subordination

Of all the philosophers and their respective quotes found on the “Enlightenment Political Thought—a précis” sheet, I found Voltaire’s conception of the socioeconomic dichotomy of his day one of the more fascinating. Voltaire begins by analogizing humans to other creatures, … Continue reading

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How important are individuals in science?

So, in our classes on Friday I mentioned the question of the role of individuals vs. institutions in driving the Scientific Revolution.  Coincidentally, Renaissance Mathematicus has a guest blog post on the question of  “hero worship” of scientists (e.g, Galileo … Continue reading

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Free Speech – Source of Chaos or Order?

One interesting issue that I have been thinking about is the relationship between free speech and order in society. When Galileo wanted to publish his ideas about the universe that were contradictory to those of the Church, the Church forced … Continue reading

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Was the Church Asking For It?

While rereading the excerpts from Hobbes’ and Locke’s works, I noticed the sentence in Locke’s Second Treatise of Government, “Revolutions happen not upon every little mismanagement in public affairs …But if a long train of Abuses, Prevarications, and Artifices,” and … Continue reading

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A More Functional Society; Hobbes or Locke?

While reading about Locke and Hobbes for homework tonight, I began contemplating which one’s beliefs better explain the way society functions today in America.  The obvious answer would be to state that our government and society resemble more of Locke-like … Continue reading

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Religion’s Role in the U.S. Government

Many of the founders of our country fled here to escape religious persecution in countries where no line was drawn between government and religion. It should therefore come as no surprise that the Constitution’s first amendment says, “Congress shall make … Continue reading

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Voltaire and the Enlightenment

As I was reading about Voltaire and his theories, I contemplated his ideal version of society and what it would encompass.  It struck me as  odd that his philosophy emphasized that human beings “are rarely worthy to govern themselves.” Furthermore, … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring

In light of the attacks and riots in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen, I was contemplating if when the middle east called for revolution, they were wanting true freedom in the form of democracy, or merely a regime change. It seems … Continue reading

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