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Lafayette- Good or Bad?

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, otherwise simply referred to as Lafayette or La Fayette, was a french general who prior to the French Revolution aided general Washington and other high ranking american generals in the American Revolution by giving … Continue reading

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Robespierre helped the poor

During 1793 and 1794 Robespierre joined forces with the poorer classes of France. He full on supported the Revolution and promised the poor people cheaper prices on bread and other produce, as well as freedom and liberty.  Robespierre was able … Continue reading

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French Revolution – The Coming of a Completely New Era

For my research paper, I am researching the change of iconography and culture during the French revolution. The thing that interests me most about this topic is how people wanted everything to change as the government changed. For example, the … Continue reading

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Was it really Louis XVI’s fault?

When Louis XVI was throned, he was around 20 years of age and very inexperienced. Historians believe that the economic, political, and social state of France was already at rock bottom before Louis XVI came into power. They claim that … Continue reading

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Determining The Source of Corruption; The Government or The People?

Absolutism was the basis for France’s government preceding the revolution.  With ideas of the Enlightenment and the witnessing of the American Revolution, many French citizens started processing these revolutionary ideas and began executing the task of trying to implement these … Continue reading

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Today’s Debt: A Lesson From the Past

While reading my history textbook, I learned that the fiscal crisis in France was one of the many causes of the French Revolution. It weakened the king and undermined the French people’s support for the French government and eventually helped … Continue reading

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The American Revolution, The French Revolution, and The Enlightenment

It is interesting to note that the more moderate minds of the Enlightenment tended to be British, like John Locke and Adam Smith, whereas the more radical minds tended to be French, like René Descartes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I bring … Continue reading

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My Experience at the Palace of Versailles

Over the summer, I visited France with my family and had the opportunity to visit Versailles. Built in 1664, the Palace of Versailles is an incredibly beautiful and lavish,  yet disgustingly extravagant and indulgent palace where King Louis XIV lived with … Continue reading

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Is age just a number?

The election is right around the corner and all around people are figuring out who is going to run their country best. Hearing people’s views on each of the candidates is very interesting, especially when different people bring up similar … Continue reading

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The Main Causes of the French Revolution

After doing the reading on the greatly disputed arguments as to why the French Revolution occurred, I personally believe that it was mainly economical and political.  In the past, historians used to see the French Revolution as an outcome of … Continue reading

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