Robespierre helped the poor

During 1793 and 1794 Robespierre joined forces with the poorer classes of France. He full on supported the Revolution and promised the poor people cheaper prices on bread and other produce, as well as freedom and liberty.  Robespierre was able to set the price of bread and made it very cheap, so the poor were able to afford it. He even started rationing, which forced bakers to only make non luxurious baked goods. He also promised the poor a government that was based off of morals and virtue that was non tyrannical. Anyone that criticized the Revolution was executed. Clergymen were fourteen times more likely to get executed than any other class during the French Revolution.

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3 Responses to Robespierre helped the poor

  1. Dr. K says:

    So are you saying that Robespierre was actually an OK guy?

  2. Julie says:

    Though Robespierre did help the lower class of France financially by lowering bread prices and creating the concept of rationing, Robespierre was not exactly an “OK” guy. Anyone who is head of the “Reign of Terror”that killed around 30 to 40 thousand people, cannot be portrayed as someone who is a peaceful ruler. In fact, Robespierre was very close, if not completely, ruling as a dictator. It is not so much that he wanted to save the lower class, it was just that he did not direct his reign towards anyone in particular. Anyone who was against France and everything France stood for, which to him was liberty, justice, honor, the example to all other nations, ect., was to be executed. His intentions were understandable, but the execution of his plan (and of the people in France) was, coincidentally the prototype for all future genocides, even if his “Reign of Terror” was not directed towards one type of people. Also, if your allies feel the need to form a conspiracy against you, then you might not have the best way of going about things. In Robespierre’s case, his own opinion of terror and virtue going hand in hand, led to his death.

  3. Madison says:

    It is true that Robespierre established a planned economy in which the government set the maximum prices for certain important items such as bread. This helped to feed the poor of France. His efforts even extended to producing weapons for the war. However, I feel that Robespierre was not an “OK guy,” but was in fact just the opposite. Looking at the bigger picture, Robespierre directed the mass murder of many Frenchman who opposed the government of the revolution and used fear to instill nationalism and patriotism in the French people. The “enemies of the nation” were tried in courts that judged the accused severely and answered to Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety. Robespierre was essentially a despot, exactly what the French had been fighting against. This time in French history (1793-1794) is even referred to as the Reign of Terror.

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