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French Revolution Holidays

Thinking about the upcoming Holidays, and realizing how much I think about them, one thing came to mind, the French Revolution. I was thinking about how driven by and changed because of these holidays. When Black Friday, another story in … Continue reading

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Technology: Then and Now

As we discussed the Industrial Revolution in class, I began to see parallels between the first industrialized country, Britain, and the United States in today’s world. Both societies were and are deeply affected by the new technology they developed. In … Continue reading

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The Most Important Origin of The Industrial Revolution

Remember last year when we always stressed on the importance of geography in shaping a civilization.  It is no different in regards to the Industrial Revolution.  I believe the geography of Britain is what ultimately led to the success of … Continue reading

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Napoleon good or bad?

I remember last week in class and as I sit here studying for my test, the discussion my class has had about Napoleon. In class we had debates about whether or not Napoleon stuck true to the revolutionary ideals or … Continue reading

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The Napoleon Complex

During class on Friday, my class discussed Napoleon and questioned whether or not he contradicted the ideals of the French Revolution. This discussion prompted me to consider a modern idea known as the Napoleon Complex. The Napoleon Complex, or Short … Continue reading

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The Estates General #Nonexistent

Firstly, I apologize for the cliché, and outdated, use of a hashtag, but I couldn’t think of a simpler way to put it. I was talking to a classmate the other day, and I was explaining how the French government progressed, and … Continue reading

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Robespierre’s Fundamental Ideas

Robespierre strongly believed that moral principles were the only way to end political evil.  His idea of a good government was a government based on ethics rather than how effective of useful the government’s actions are.  Therefore, whatever was immoral … Continue reading

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