French Revolution Holidays

Thinking about the upcoming Holidays, and realizing how much I think about them, one thing came to mind, the French Revolution.

I was thinking about how driven by and changed because of these holidays. When Black Friday, another story in and of itself, roles around, everything changes. All the stores switch into holiday mode, and the world just seems to shift. Was it like this during the French Revolution? Was French revolutionary society so greatly impacted by holidays, perhaps not even Christmas or Hanukkah, but any holidays. There were so many changes to the calendar, including the invention of a new one, during the French Revolution. When new holidays were added and celebrated, how did that effect society? Granted, it would have had some effect on the daily lives, but did they have such a vast impact as the holidays do today? Did everything turn upside-down? Again, with modern advancements in advertising, and the invention television, radio, and numerous other electronics, the access to the public is bound to be different. Still, one has to think of how the public sphere evolved around the holidays. If the government up and decided to take away Christmas, I like to think there’d be quite a kerfuffle. Did the French have such a holiday? Was it really all thanks to the advertising that the winter holidays are blown so out of proportion, or were they always this way?

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  1. Lisa Goldsman says:

    That is a very interesting point, Krissy. The questions you suggested brought me to think of some myself. Personally, I look forward to the holidays with all the lights, cheer and excitement. It breaks the year up, giving people, especially children, something to look forward to. I cannot imagine a ‘lifetime’ without holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah. It is interesting to note that people living back in the French Revolution did not have distinct marking points throughout their year to celebrate. The holidays our society celebrate always fall around the same time of year, creating a constant thought around the same time of year. The holidays in revolutionary times must have been different, if there were any, especially considering the riots and changing within the society itself occurring. I cannot imagine a lifestyle without holidays, such an interesting point, Krissy!

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