Recent Findings of Louis XVI’s Blood

I came upon this article this evening that discusses a recent finding that scientist believe is Louis XVI’s blood. The article explains that after the king’s execution, some of his blood was placed in a gourd as a “souvenir” of the monarch’s death. Scientists believe that this was indeed his blood, as they were able to use DNA from the head of Henry IV and the blood in the gourd and found significant similarities that occur when two men are related. The scientists also found that the DNA in the gourd bore similarities with the description of King Louis XVI. It is a fascinating article that allowed me to learn more about the French Revolution in a different way and that new facts are discovered about an event that occurred two-hundred years ago even today.

Here is the link to the article:


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2 Responses to Recent Findings of Louis XVI’s Blood

  1. Dr. K says:

    Thanks for the link, Sarah. Interesting, in a creepy way.

    For further gruesome news about the French Revolution, here is a story about the preserved heart of Louis XVII, who died in prison during the revolution.

  2. gurdren says:

    I like this link, I love history related stuff and everything.

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