The Power of The Mass

What defines a government? How does a certain person or group rise to power? The Petrograd Soviet rose to power and created a government, simply because of support.  What is most impressive is that they did this without being stopped, and without overthrowing the government at the time.  I thought it very interesting, impressive, inspiring and, honestly, quite funny that the Petrograd Soviet simply created and actually ran a government.  I think of a government as something so stiff and formal, and in this case it seemed pretty casual.  It was just a mass of people that had support from the working class and soliders, from whom they attained power and popularity.  This is why i thought about how people come to power, (without help of a system/government) and whether it was simply based off of popularity and/or support.  It also made me think about today’s government: if we, as a majority of americans, didn’t like the government, or the rulers, hypothetically, we could just start our own government … couldn’t we?  This question led to my thoughts of inspiration: how can I apply this idea into my life?  How powerful are the masses in any given situation?  I believe the answer to that question is that the masses have unlimited potential, if used for power, they can be unstoppable.  However, I would love to hear some other thoughts and opinions these topics to further my thoughts, so please comment.

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  1. AlexP says:

    Drew, I completely agree with you. I think in any society, the common people are the most powerful people in a given society. After all, as we talked about in class, the government functions off the support from the public. That is the sole reason for why the Petrograd Soviet worked because it was actually popular among the masses. This also explains why many revolutions have happened throughout history. Due to the oppression and unequal treatment of each revolution’s middle class has led to angry citizens and therefore precipitated revolts. In the French Revolution, it was the lack of food and significant inflation, while in the American Revolution, it was lack of actual representation in the British Parliament. It always centered around that idea of pleasing the people. This led to the question I had of why we, as Americans have not yet revolted against the government in an attempt to overthrow them. There are many lingering problems with the economy and dissatisfaction of the people with the government, so what’s holding us back? 49% Americans have expressed their disapproval with how Obama handled the economy and 55% of Americans have said they did not like how he handled the federal budget deficit. Just recently, Sheriff David Clarke Jr. said on an interview with Fox that enforcing any gun laws that would deprive Americans the right to bare arms would cause a second American Revolution. This is just an opinion after all, but it is no surprise these days that the thought of a second American Revolution is being mentioned under the current circumstances. Any thoughts on this?

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