Is there such a thing as human nature?

We’ve talked about human nature–whether it exists, what it is–a number of times in this course: in conjunction with our discussion of Hobbes and Locke, in our look at Marx’s dialectical materialism, and at a number of places in between.

I recently came across an article that argues, not necessarily that there is no such thing as human nature, but at least that human nature is far more varied than we think.  In fact, the article suggests that much of what we think is “human nature” is actually conditioning by our society and our culture.

While it’s not directly relevant to revolutions, it certainly does connect with some themes that have come up in the course.  I encourage you to read the article and post some reactions in the comments.  Does the article make you change the way you think about “human nature”?

The article is called “We Aren’t the World.”  Check it out and post your reactions.

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