Moving Forward: Post-Gandhi


I am a huge fan of Gandhi. What he stood for and believed in, the actions that he took, and what he accomplished is incredible.  Each individual aspect of his endeavor was awe-inspiring by itself, but together, as a comprehensive whole, they are truly amazing.  When thinking of Gandhi, reading about him or watching a movie about him, I am inspired to try to ameliorate myself.  Even though I am not going through the struggles that Gandhi and his people experienced, I want to try to make the world a better place. I want to make a change from within, to help influence a better world.  Upon emulating Gandhi, my respect for him increases because I realize how hard it is to live like he did (especially in modern times).  The composure that he kept, his mannerisms, and his strong character are unparalleled.  To me it is truly awesome.


After more thought, I wonder how Gandhi’s influence affects us today.  I believe that people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. followed the example of great leader and based some of his actions off of Gandhi. However, I wonder who else followed his example.  Furthermore, I wonder how he affects society. Obviously, there is more equality in the world, but what else? A man that did so much probably still affects the world in more ways that we even know.  Does anybody have any ideas or insights to what else he might have inspired?

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  1. Montgomery says:

    Drew, as well as you I truly am a fan of Gandhi and what he did for Indian. Regarding your question about what did Gandhi do for the rest of the world, I think he really taught the world about sticking to what you believe is the best thing you can and do and never comprise your beliefs because that seems what the easy thing is to do. Gandhi really seemed to stress that the easy way is not always the right and best way to do things, but the best way to do things is the way you agree in the most and what right for that situation. I think this is something that people in power think about now and are trying to lead their people the way Gandhi was able to lead his people.

  2. Madison says:

    You asked about Gandhi as a source of inspiration. One person I believe he has inspired is President Barack Obama. On August 3, 2010, President Obama hosted the Young African Leaders Forum at the White House. During the event, President Obama urged young African leaders to follow in Gandhi’s footsteps. President Obama quoted Gandhi when he was addressing the young leaders: “[o]ne of the things that I think everybody here has to really internali[s]e the notion that, you know, I think it was (Mahatma) Gandhi who once said, you have to be the change that you seek.” By referencing Gandhi, President Obama showed that he clearly respects the work of Gandhi and recognizes the importance of his teachings and the effect they will have on young leaders of the future.

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