Surpression Of Citizens

During a bit of research for my Thesis Paper, I decided to read about China’s neighbor, North Korea. What I read was at times fascinating, funny, sad, but most of all disturbing. A government ruled over by an all powerful man at the center of an intense cult of personality seemed familiar, and the comparisons between North Korea and China are scary. The famines and periods of mass starvation that plagued China in the Great Leap Forward are similar to the periods of starvation North Korea continues to go through. The use of reeducation camps during the Cultural Revolution is similar to the reeducation camps North Korea uses to this day. However, digging deeper, North Korea drifts away from China and off in its own direction. North Korea removed any trace of communism from their constitution in 2009, meaning that the government is not considered a communist one. However, could this split be somewhat like Mao’s split from traditional communism? North Korea’s government practices juche, most easily translated as “self-reliance”. The creation of a new line of leading is quite like Mao’s acceptance of the peasants as a main revolutionary force. Does anyone have any other thoughts?

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