Iran and Communism

As we’ve been discussion the governmental structure currently in place in Iran, I’ve noticed the strange democracy that they have in place. While the “elected” portion of their government is a democracy, the second/unelected part goes against many things that usually qualify a government as a “democracy”. Noting this dual government, I began to wonder why Communism not only was not implemented in Iran, but was widely rebuked and fought against. Perhaps it is because of the tumultuous relationship the Iranians had with the Russians, but I think that the role that Khomeini played as a religious figure in the government also contributed to the lack of Communism in Iran. What other factors could have contributed to the existence of a dual government, but a lack of Communism?

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  1. sweiswasser2015 says:

    Krissy, I definitely agree that Khomeini played a large role in the absence of communism during the Iranian Revolution. Much of the Iranian Revolution was based on traditionalist and conformist views- the westernizing Shah and Khomeini’s Islam traditionalism that captured the support of anti-American Iranians. Because of Khomeini’s Islam traditionalism, much of what Khomeini supported was a theocratic government. Therefore, because of Khomeini’s popular support and support for theocracy, communism was not popular. The lack of communism is also largely attributable to the anti-Western sentiment, especially after OPEC raised oil prices in 1974. While this brought more money to Iran, this money resulted in inflation and higher class disparity, resulting in more western resentment among Iranians. Because communism is essentially a western idea, I think a large part of the lack of communism in Iran is attributable to the very fact that communism is a western idea and the Iranians greatly resented the west and supported the anti-Westernizer Khomeini.

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