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Gandhi’s Moral Authority

Gandhi had a clear distinction between being a leader with moral authority compared to being a leader just possessing political power.  In his eyes political power can easily lead to corruption, unlike moral authority that prevents the corruption of political … Continue reading

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Russian Revolution Historiography

After reading about the historiography of the Russian Revolution, I realized that choosing one theory to side with about the origins of the Russian revolution was difficult compared to siding with the different theories presented for other revolutions such as … Continue reading

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The Most Important Origin of The Industrial Revolution

Remember last year when we always stressed on the importance of geography in shaping a civilization.  It is no different in regards to the Industrial Revolution.  I believe the geography of Britain is what ultimately led to the success of … Continue reading

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Robespierre’s Fundamental Ideas

Robespierre strongly believed that moral principles were the only way to end political evil.  His idea of a good government was a government based on ethics rather than how effective of useful the government’s actions are.  Therefore, whatever was immoral … Continue reading

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The Main Causes of the French Revolution

After doing the reading on the greatly disputed arguments as to why the French Revolution occurred, I personally believe that it was mainly economical and political.  In the past, historians used to see the French Revolution as an outcome of … Continue reading

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Revolution and the Economy

There are many different stances as to why the American Revolution occurred   The Whig interpretation argues that it is human’s natural inclination for liberty, therefore the revolution started because the new American ideology that every man is born equal and therefore should have equal … Continue reading

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American Unity Based on Fear

I found the excerpt we read from Gordon Wood’s essay Radical Possibilites on the American Revolution very interesting.  He reasons that America’s rebellion and unity was less of a brave cry against taxes and tyranny, but instead stemmed from fear.  America was … Continue reading

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