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Bloody Sunday vs Amritsar Massacre

As I was reviewing the Russian Revolution, I was thinking about Bloody Sunday and how it is similar to the Amritsar Massacre. In both cases people were peacefully protesting and authority started to shoot. Although Bloody Sunday was completely unprovoked … Continue reading

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The Opposite

I thought it was interesting that throughout the time following Stalin’s reign, their were multiple de-Stalinizations and re-Stalinizations. After Stalin the period of de-Stalinization occurred; it was a time when Khrushchev made many reforms to do the opposite of all that … Continue reading

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Imperialism in China

I am a bit confused, and hope someone can enlighten me. I understand that after the sino-japanese war, China looked weak and Europe “took” parts of the country. The imperialism began. But what I am confused about is what does … Continue reading

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Westernization vs Traditional

Today, in our discussion about our position paper for the India simulation, my group and I had to decide whether we supported a westernized or traditional country. Within the Indian National Congress, Carly and I are Hindu’s. The Hindu’s in … Continue reading

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What strikes me as interesting, is the fact that the KULAKS are “better off peasants”. I think it is interesting that Stalin would collectivize this group to make more money and have control. But I see it as Stalin being … Continue reading

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