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The Indigent; The Moths To The Flame of Terrorism

Through our class studies of Socialistic China and Mao, and my own individual studies about the Shining Path Rebellion in Peru, I have spent some time contemplating why people are so attracted to the use of fear and terrorism.  Abimael Guzman was … Continue reading

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Determining The Source of Corruption; The Government or The People?

Absolutism was the basis for France’s government preceding the revolution.  With ideas of the Enlightenment and the witnessing of the American Revolution, many French citizens started processing these revolutionary ideas and began executing the task of trying to implement these … Continue reading

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Good Person vs. Good Ruler

George Washington, a famous war general, was elected as the first president of The United States.  ALthough George Washington was mutually respected as a good man by most colonists at the time, was he the most ideal for president?  There … Continue reading

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A More Functional Society; Hobbes or Locke?

While reading about Locke and Hobbes for homework tonight, I began contemplating which one’s beliefs better explain the way society functions today in America.  The obvious answer would be to state that our government and society resemble more of Locke-like … Continue reading

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