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Gandhi vs Mao: Non-violence vs Violence

Although the China unit has drawn to a close, I would like to return to the exercise where we debated, from Gandhi or Mao’s perspective, the necessity of violence in a revolution.  Speaking of the revolution in India, Gandhi said, … Continue reading

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Chinese Revolution/History Timeline

This is not a typical blog post, however, the following link is a very detailed and thorough timeline of the Chinese Revolution:  It has been a very helpful tool in my studying, so I thought I should share it with … Continue reading

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In light of the egregious Boston Marathon Bombings I came across this interesting article:,32124/.  This article explains the heritage of the two bombers, whom are of Chechen decent, and how Americans lack proper knowledge of Chechnya, which in turn, inhibits … Continue reading

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The Irony of the American Revolution

As I was reviewing Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death” speech I couldn’t help but be amused by the blatant ironic and hypocritical ideology of the American Revolutionists.     Discrediting the British parliament’s authority over the … Continue reading

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The “Elite” Enlightement

I am currently studying for the first revolutions test of the year and I can assume that many others are, so this will be a relatively brief post, however, I hope that it’s length (or lack thereof) does not detract … Continue reading

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