A Changing China

During my time in China, I saw revolution and extreme change. There were obvious amounts of people who supported and mobilized the revolutionary effort, however there was also obvious people who rejected the rebellion. Public trials of class enemies were shown in public squares, and newspaper articles and music that were clearly propaganda, so it is unclear how much the public truly understood the situation at hand. Mao is clearly trying to appeal to the younger people, to try to gain more support. The red guards is just one example of  power, because they are a student rebel group attacking the people in the school and local administration that they see as anti-Mao.  Many citizens carried around Mao’s Red Book and seemed to worship him in a godlike way. People believed Mao could cure diseases and answer all their questions, which does not make logical sense. It appears that the people either agree with Chairman Mao and support his revolutionary changes, or that they live in fear of being attacked by the red guards and put into public trials. He is pushing the people through fear and propaganda into his ideas of change. Mao wants to revive the revolution and bring himself back into power after losing his influence in the Great Leap Forward, and thus is pushing people towards this great social change.

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