Alex’s Page On The Cultural Revolution

The Chinese Communist Party was able to carry out the large scale upheaval of the Cultural Revolution through the persistant and constant use of propaganda, and by gaining the support of the nation’s youth. The Revolution marked Mao’s return to absolute power. He believed that China was becoming too capitalistic, and he insisted that those who supported this change needed to be purged from the country. Millions of people throughout China were violently persecuted, and a large portion of the population was forcibly displaced from their homes. The Revolution was very popular among the Chinese youth, with many joining or forming Red Guard groups around the country. The Red Guard’s goal was to rebel against authority and be something like Mao’s personal army. Among the average Chinese citizens, the Revolution was likely unpopular however. Mao declared the Cultural Revolution officially over in 1969, but it doesn’t really end until 1976, with the arrests of “The Gang of 4.”

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