Cultural Revolution

The core of the Cultural Revolution was the idea of changing the way the people think through a mass movement of reeducation. All around me, there are people destroying their old culture and old customs. There is a revolutionary atmosphere surrounding the Chinese people. Messages for radical change were heard on the radio, watched on TVs, and observing mass rallies. Mao’s ideals are infused within the Chinese society and their daily lives. When Chinese citizens were asked of their specific feelings towards Chairman Mao, many believe that Mao is a genius. They feel that Mao’s model for communist education should become a living reality through the practice of the masses. A quote in The Little Red Book is stated by Chairman Mao describing his plans to mobilize the masses through an analysis of class structures. He declares, “Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This is a question of the first importance for the revolution. The basic reason why all previous revolutionary struggles in China achieved so little was their failure to unite with real friends in order to attack real enemies. A revolutionary party is the guide of the masses, and no revolution ever succeeds when the revolutionary party leads them astray. To ensure that we will definitely achieve success in our revolution and will not lead the masses astray, we must pay attention to uniting with our real friends in order to attack our real enemies. To distinguish real friends from real enemies, we must make a general analysis of the economic status of the various classes in Chinese society and of their respective attitudes towards the revolution.” Part of Mao’s purpose was to alter the old order of the Chinese. In other words, “It was a revolution on a revolution that had not been revolutionary enough”.

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