Forced Support for Communism

On a recent expedition to China some shocking circumstances have been witnessed. The Cultural Revolution is in full swing in communist China and Mao has taken it to the extreme. His ‘Little Red Book’ serves as a guide to daily life for the people of China. The Book outlines the position that all Chinese should follow. It states all guidelines for life and acceptable beliefs through the use of quotes from Mao. There is also a pamphlet that includes 25 “What-To-Dos” by Chairman Mao. This frequently asked questions for life include solutions to everything from encountering Reactionaries to difficulties at work to unhappiness.

Every bit of the culture of the country promotes Mao and the radicals and denounces nationalism and moderates. The television programs feature characters that might stray from the beliefs and then realize their faults and praise the regime for accepting them and for its brilliance. Even cartoon programs for children feature characters that stand up for the party. Young Red Guards are depicted as heroes working for the good of all people on behalf of the Communist regime.

Perhaps the most shocking items are the inventories of confiscated items. People are taken from their homes and all of their belongings confiscated for simply being in the wrong class. In some cases the ‘criminal’ is not even in the unfavorable class of landlord, but they have committed some unseemly act against the regime. A janitor was arrested and his things seized, but the cause for the arrest was ‘Landlord’.

The amount of exposure that people have to pro-Maoist culture is constant. Between the constant radio and TV programs and the ubiquitous “Little Red Book,” there is no escape. The people are being absolutely forced into supporting the regime.


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