Halle’s page on the Cultural Revolution

2. Write three diary entries: September 1966, September 1969, September 1976.   Be as specific as possible.  Make references to real events at the time, or actual things a Chinese person living at the time might have seen.

September 1966:

Not long ago, a group of boys like myself were named “Chairman Mao’s Red Guards,” now called simply the “Red Guards”. Today is the best day of my life, as I decided to finally join the Red Guards. My mother and father do not support this decision, so I ran away to the home of Hsin, a school friend of mine who is a year older and actively involved as a supporter of Chairman Mao. I am writing in this journal to document this monumental day in my life and to hereby swear that I will protect Chairman Mao and his revolutionary line with my life.

September 1969

I write this entry during my transfer to another labor camp. Just two months ago, I received a parcel from my mother. I have not been in contact with my family for 3 years, thus, without thought, excitedly opened the package. Immediately, a younger boy who had been introduced into the same Red Guard group as I accused me of giving something out of it to another prisoner, Hsin. I was dragged to the office. (Not Done)

Once the Red Guards had served their purpose of overturning the old order, these restive young people were exiled from the cities to be re-educated by the peasants in the countryside. Many did not return to the cities until the late 1970s; some never did.



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