Jake’s Page on the Cultural Revolution

1. How was the Chinese Communist Party able to carry out the large scale upheaval of the Cultural Revolution?  Was it a popular uprising, or was it forced on people by the leaders?  Analyze the reason and ways in which the Chinese Communist government controlled the Chinese population, and evaluate their effectiveness.

The Chinese Communist Party created a fierce army of people united under a common hatred of Capitalism and old culture.  Under this revolutionary fervor, the red guard was created to promote these ideals.  This army of people was mainly composed of young students.  The Chinese Communist Party used a plethora of propaganda devices to spread the message of its cause.  Propaganda was seen in the classroom, as a picture of Mao was the main focus of every room.  The books used to teach the students were also fueled with anti-western and pro-communist stories.  The radio was also used to promote Maoist ideas throughout all of China.  This propaganda proved to be incredibly effective as the perception of Mao was of a weak leader after the Great Leap Forward.  However, during the cultural revolution, the Mao gained power from the people that he had lacked earlier.  This was clearly a revolution created by Mao and the leftist leaders of the Chinese Communist Party rather than the people.  However, it would not have been nearly as effective without the dedication of the people against Western and old Eastern culture.

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