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1. How was the Chinese Communist Party able to carry out the large scale upheaval of the Cultural Revolution?  Was it a popular uprising, or was it forced on people by the leaders?  Analyze the reason and ways in which the Chinese Communist government controlled the Chinese population, and evaluate their effectiveness.

The Chinese Communist Party carried out a large scale upheaval because of their ability to control and influence the idea of their citizens. First they started in the schools. The CCP told the students to about the devastation and issues of the capitalist America. Where the majority of the world saw the US as a prosperous area, the Chinese were brainwashed to believe that America was filled with segregation, (not to say that it wasn’t) misery and dispair. I believe that the uprising was a popular revolution which was just influenced by the leaders and their ability to convince the Chinese to agree with their views. The government used different forms of propaganda through art, media and culture to sway the Chinese into following their communist ideas. The government controlled the people by placing restrictions on their society. First of all, the schools were severely regulated down to the uniforms of the students and to the curriculum that could be taught inside of the school houses. The government was completely affective in their measures and were able to surpress any ideas that went against their ideas for years before the death and demise of Chairman Mao.

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  1. AaronSB says:

    The CCP was able to carry out a large scale upheaval of the cultural revolution through a rigorous barrage of powerful propaganda and reeducation tactics. The tactics Mao illustrated effectively suppressed the flood of culture that had engulfed the country in prior years. His propaganda was very convincing and through a potent cocktail of fear-striking methods people were too afraid to speak out. This upheaval was forced on the people by the leaders. The propaganda influenced people to have the opinion that the came too. Without Mao’s reeducation plan people would not have come to the conclusions they did. Mao’s plan was very effective because he used it in all walks of life making escape from this propaganda impossible.

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