Mao, Mao, Mao

As I wander through the streets of Beijing, I realize how prominent Cult of Personality is in this Cultural Revolution.  Everywhere I turn, Mao is there: on signs, on posters, on pins on the youngest child’s jacket.  Mao seems to be their God.  He has encouraged classes to be enemies- proletariats against bourgeoisie, more specifically the peasants against landlords.  Mao has supported the, what could be considered, the subordinate group.  Besides supporting the proletariats, Mao supported the children to rebel against their parents and teachers- all of their superiors.  Many of the students at universities held rallies against their “superiors”.

Mao has- what I hate to say- brainwashed the youth of his country.  They, like their parents, carry around the Little Red Book- to have Mao in their pocket.  Many of the parents even encouraged their children to follow Mao’s rule, which would mean that the parents support their children revolting against them.  The youth in Beijing have been shaped to prepare to go off to farms to work for their country.

While Mao is in power he is the center of everything. Mao has become the sun of China and represents a new life for the population. Mao is life, and comes up daily. When I peeked into the window of a home on the street, a picture of Mao was hanging on the wall. Mao was literally everywhere I turned. If I could give a definition to this Cultural Revolution it would be: Mao. Mao, Mao, praise Mao. To all of the citizens in China (who support Mao and have not been shipped off to labor camps for re-education) their life revolves around Mao, every morning and every night.

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