Mao’s Influence

Chairman Mao has officially taken China and put it through a cultural revolution. The cultural revolution in China is Chairman Maos doing and he is trying to get rid of the Chinese Capitalists and semi-moderate Communists. He wants the population to immobilize and fully support communism and communist leaders at all times. He has issued a Red book which has become the epitome of how to live life if under Maos reign, issuing answers to questions how Mao would answer them. For example a question is “What To Do When You Encounter Arduous and Hard Work.” From Maos point of view the answer is “We must not become complacent over any success. We should check our complacency and constantly criticize our shortcomings, just as we would wash our faces or sweep the floor every day to remove the dirt and keep them clean.”-Page 229 of the Red Book. He provides answers to every question a person may have so that they have no chance of doing something wrong unless it is deliberately. Maos ideas are not only majorly influencing but they are consistent and it never ending. He wanted work at all times and people to never be satisfied with what had already been done. Mao has taken China and put it through reforms that have changed class structure, work ethic, and the way of living life itself. The Chinese under Maos reign listen to the radio all day, to songs that say “The fish cannot live out of water, and the melon cant live off the vine, the revolution masses cannot live without the communist party.” With pushing through the Communist Party he also attempts to make sure that his ways continue to go on after he has deceased. If China continues on this way I fear for the countries future, the people of Chinas future, and the future of all those who oppose them.

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