Sheena’s page on the Cultural Revolution

September 1966

Recently some comrades have started up an organization that helps to support Our Great Chairman. We all have come up with a clever name for us “Chairman Mao’s Red Guards!” Upon realizing that such a group formed, Chairman Mao gave us his approval! This great news, now we can work beside our Chairman! His approval is the highest form of flattery, and now we all get to stand in the grace of his presence. We have left school to pursue this job. Together we will help to rid the old and ring the bell of new Chinese liberty.


September 1969

I think now we are really beginning to gain respect as the enforcers of the Chairman’s laws that keep our great country running. We now help to keep the people from the old country from overtaking our new country. And we also remove those from society who have a unjust power. For example, teachers who are poising the children’s minds with non-Mao approved lessons. Some of my fellow comrades had fallen into the path of doubting Chairman, and this led to their immediate “liquidation.” Also, some of the members have began to kill each other. This directly relates to the doubting of his great power. Some of these doubting guards have been sent to “re-education with hard labor”. But if you are a devout follower like I am , then you have nothing to worry about. Chairman Mao will protect the ones who give him there respect.


September 1976

A most horrible event has occurred recently. Our great leader has fallen! Life without him is not complete. How can our great country survive without the great leader in Chinese history leading us? We are without direction in our lives. Now we are like baby ducks searching for our mother, the one who natured us. He is the sun that brings us life. Now it is gone. Life is gone.



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