Sydney’s Page on the Cultural Revolution

September 1966

Chairman Mao is truly the voice of truth in this foolish world.  So much has been achieved by undermining authority.  Today, a group of us put up posters around our school proclaiming, “Capitalism is damnable.”  Also, I stood up in class today and denounced what my teacher was saying and told her that she was an enemy of the Chairman.  I wear an armband personally handed to me by Jiang Qing, the Chairman’s wife, to show my utter devotion.  I have never felt so proud to be doing something in my life.  I am spreading Chairman Mao’s teachings and spreading the doctrine of Communism; my fellow students and I will do away with the hindrance that is China’s old culture.

September 1969

These past years have been glorious, though I suffer for them now.  My fellow Red Guards and I have attacked and denounced professors and our own peers.  Schools have closed to allow us to devote our full energies to spreading Maoist doctrines.  Some friends and I attacked a former professor and openly denounced him as a revisionist and a capitalist.  Others of my Red Guard peers were present in the uprising at Qinghua University and they even killed those who came to stop them from promoting Communism and Maoist doctrine.  But despite all that that I am proud to say I took part in,  I have been sent away.   The Chairman became displeased with us; he said that we had become out of control and we were a danger to the Communist Party.  Some of us were killed, and some of my friends were killed.  I myself was sent to the countryside where I am forced to take part in backbreaking labor every day.

September 1976

Despite the fact that the Chairman turned on us, his faithful Red Guards, I deeply mourn his passing.  He was our leader, the man who spread truth to the world.  Without Chairman Mao’s  guidance, I fear for this country’s future.  China is turning toward capitalism and I do not care to see this nation descend into that which would have displeased the Chairman.


September 1976

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