The Chinese Review

It is indeed a great day for the Communists in China. Great celebrations can be heard from my very comfortable hotel room. I would be writing this article from my own home, but the kind Chinese government has offered to extend my stay for an unspecified amount of time. I am very grateful for their generosity. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay in China? The people are kind, the cities and villages are beautiful and full of life and the most graceful Chairman Mao is truly a wonderful leader. Every radio station is full of empowering music to support the fight against the old ways and practices. All the TV stations are just as supportive with their images of communist supremacy. I was fortunate enough to catch the parade for the Red Guard from my television. Along with my great living quarters, I am allowed the pleasure of watching some of the countries best movies. These include hits such as The Ferry Port which depicts a young girls struggle against Nationalists spy. These films are a great way to spread the message that anyone can be a communist, no matter how old they or how small. Last night I was given a special gift, tickets to a Chinese Ballet. The East is Red was a wonderful production, based on historically accurate facts of China’s transformation from a capitalistic nightmare to the current paradise it is today. Throughout my trip here, I have experienced the rich, new culture of China that has replaced the old and outdated ways of the past. This transformation has been for the best of the entire populace and I would recommend that the world follow in the path of the glorious Chinese people. It is because of these great amenities that I will be staying here for much longer, the people here are so generous, and it heavies my heart to even think of leaving.


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