The Cultural Revolution

Much is happening in China nowadays, and most of it includes Mao’s Red Guards and revolutionary actions. Mao Zedong is in the process of trying to unite and mobilize the masses and turn everyone against the moderates in order to gain back power and support for him, his group in the Chinese Communist Party and to push forward the revolution. Everywhere you look there are posters taped to all the walls and propaganda being passed around to everyone. Along with gaining support and spreading the word to everyone in China,  Mao and his followers are also destroying the old world, by vandalizing statues and monuments that represent this old world. Mao wants to fully get rid of capitalism and is making sure everything that can be done to destroy capitalism is being done. Mao’s little red book is also very influential for his followers and they are instructed to use Mao’s  thoughts and philosophies as a weapon against the moderates. Everyone is also encouraged to use this red book to answer any questions they have. This red book is what inspires Mao’s followers to attack the enemy and move forward victoriously. Change is also taking place in the schools and students were taught about Mao with his picture hung high on a wall in the classroom. They proved to be mobilizing all masses, including the youth who were still learning about the revolution and its leaders. Despite everything Mao is doing to gain power for him and his Chinese Communist Party, there is still a lot of violent actions taking place that are directed by him. The moderates are killed or tortured in public, in front of a large mass of people, as if Mao thought torturing the enemy in public would further unite his followers. With everything happening with the revolution at the time, Mao was focused on separating China from the old world and courageously moving forward with a victory over the moderates.

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