The Cultural Revolution

If you were to visit China today, you would find yourself in the midst of a Cultural Revolution unlike any sweeping movement that the nation has seen before. The Cultural Revolution stemmed from the economic and political inconsistencies in China, and more specifically, is a movement that was launched by Mao in efforts to gain power again and fight against the Capitalism that has become more and more evident in China, as he was a passionate advocate of Communism and believes that it is the way that China should opera. Mao wishes to completely purge the proletariat party and implement revolutionary intensity that he believes has diminished the China. Mao promotes the principles of the Cultural Revolution through his Little Red Book, the radio, TV, and movies. The Little Red Book printed guidelines and motivational quotes that revolutionaries referred to, in order to apply Mao’s ideologies to their present circumstance in their struggle during the Revolution. Cultural products from the time of the Cultural Revolution were mass produced. As always with Mao, he promotes violence against opposers, and encourages his Chinese supporters to hunt down anyone who supports Capitalism. The “Mao Cult” rallied with signs and chants, demanding the elimination of the Proletariats. A group named the Red Guards formed; the Red Guards were young people in China that wanted to abolish feudalism and the “bourgeois” culture. They destroyed ancient monomers, works of arts, antiques, and books. They also attacked and exiled party officials, professors, and intellectuals. As a result of their attacks, universities were shut down and thousands died, were executed, or sent to forced-labor camps. The Cultural Revolution definitely is succeeding in its attempts to increase revolutionary fervor in China; Mao has gained numerous followers who follow his guilde lines carefully and do everything in their power to alter China to become a strictly Communist nation.

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